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Identify and notify defects, create checklists for site inspection and generate digital reports

Site Supervision is an app to locate, list and notify construction defects, omissions and non-conformities so that they are rectified before the final handover to the client.

With Site Supervision, you can create checklists to inspect and audit construction sites. And also, compile digital reports for meetings on construction sites.

The benefits of Site Supervision ?

Create and assign non-conformances

Locate and tag non-conformance on a drawing

Follow progress

Attach photos for clarity

Fix Snags to hand over defect-free and quality buildings to clients

Deliver defect-free construction projects

  • Detect a defect, give it context and follow the correction
  • Locate compile and notify construction defects omissions and non-conformities
  • Rectify defects before handover to clients
  • Comply with standards and regulations
  • Fix all lingering deficiencies in the new building
  • Deliver projects according to initial drawings and specifications

Manage snags and defects effectively, in real-time, via the mobile app and desktop

  • Log snags, assign repair work on mobile and track progress on your desktop
  • Share action items with the relevant parties in real-time
  • Streamline snagging process to increase construction project productivity
  • Monitor defect issues and progress remotely
  • Add pins and notes for each defect on the plan photos
  • Save time and money and deliver quality buildings

Create checklists for health & safety, site inspection and toolbox talks

Make construction sites hazard-free and comply with regulations

  • Perform efficient controls
  • Enforce safety requirements
  • Identify and list hazards
  • Avoid injuries and accidents
  • Conduct safety tours
  • Stay ahead on safety issues and mitigate risks

Create customisable checklists for the inspection and auditing of construction sites

  • Create customisable questions & answer types
  • Create different types of checklists templates
  • Attach photos for more clarity
  • Share and export reports after audits
  • Conduct audits and inspections on the move

Create digital reports of proceedings and action items during meetings on construction sites

Create digital construction meeting minutes

  • Hold meetings from anywhere on the construction site on your mobile, tablet or computer
  • Input and review agenda items, discussion points, actions items and due date
  • Organise meeting reports according to topics: administration, safety, program, design, environmental ….. etc
  • Mark attendance according to stakeholders: Site manager, superintendent, supervisor and construction worker
  • Assign action items to any stakeholder or staff
  • Upload supporting documents or attach drawing photos

Get a clear, up-to-date, reliable overview of your construction project meetings

  • Create and maintain a digital record of construction project meetings
  • Keep track of past decisions, milestones, action items and responsibilities
  • Review Items completed since the last meeting
  • Input items to be completed by the next meeting
  • keep stakeholders informed about decisions taken during meetings

Organise productive construction meeting minutes, ensure safe construction sites and deliver defect-free buildings

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