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Fix snags to hand over defect-free and quality buildings

Site Supervision is an app to locate, list and notify construction defects, omissions and non-conformities so that they are rectified before the final handover to the client.

The benefits of Site Supervision ?

Icon Time saving

Save Time

Save an average of 30 mins per day per person while managing defects

Icon Get paid

Control costs

Monitor project costs in real-time to stay within budget and reduce unnecessary expenses

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Track progress

Track the progress of your work with the help of customizable punch lists

Icon Completion project

Deliver projects on-time

Through audits & inspections ensure your projects are delivered on-time

All the tools required for efficient planning, construction,
and delivery of high-quality buildings consolidated into one comprehensive solution

Snagging Tool

Icon Snagging tool

Punch lists

Icon Punch lists

Audit & Inspection

Icon Audit & inspection


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Handover & Warranties

Icon Handover & Warantees

Information Assembly

Icon Information assembly

3D Models

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Digital Reports

Icon Reports

Drawing Storage

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Collaborative tools for all construction professions

Personna Project director

Project Managers / Directors

  • Deliver defect-free construction projects to gain the trust of your clients and increase your brand value.
Personna QA Manager

  QA/QC Manager / Health & Safety Manager

  • Ensure the quality and safety of your building by identifying and addressing construction defects, omissions, and non-conformities before the final handover to the client.
  • Create customizable punch lists for efficient inspection and auditing of construction sites, enabling thorough controls and enforcement of safety requirements.
Personna Site manager

Construction Site Managers / Site Agents

  • Ensure the safety of your construction site by generating punch lists for health and safety, conducting site inspections, and facilitating toolbox talks
Personna Site engineer

Construction Site Engineers

  • Ensure project delivery aligns with initial drawings and specifications.
  • Generate digital reports documenting proceedings and action items during construction site meetings.
Personna Supervisor

Construction Foremen / Supervisors

  • Enhance your ability to identify and promptly report defects, ensuring compliance with quality standards and regulations.
Personna Field worker

Construction Field Workers / Tradesmen

  • Identify defects, provide context, and oversee corrections to guarantee the quality and defect-free delivery of buildings to clients.

Read what our users have to say

Pierre & Vacances and Adagio digitalize their renovations

Pierre & Vacances and Adagio digitalize their renovations

Mr. Cédric Cenez
Director of construction and renovation at Pierre & Vacances
Pierre & Vacances and Adagio
“It is user-friendly, intuitive, and allows for quick modifications, providing accessibility and flexibility to revisit and modify our work and plans whenever needed.”
Paris, France
Tourist Residential Buildings

Pierre & Vacances and Adagio have used our Site Supervision application (aka BatiScript in France) to better manage their handover processes and write their reports.

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Eiffage Construction – Residential Buildings

Eiffage Construction – Residential Buildings

M. Pascal Vaché
Director of Eiffage Construction Bretagne
Our aim was to reduce the defect and issue processing time and our objective today is to aim for zero defects
Velizy Villacoublay (78), France
Residential Buildings

Script & Go (the equivalent of Site Productivity in France) had the opportunity to interview Mr Vaché, the director, and Mr Cardin, the site manager at Eiffage Construction. Eiffage, a leading European construction firm and it’s subsidiaries carries out its...

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Legendre French Group – Residential buildings

Legendre French Group – Residential buildings

M. Souchay
Work Manager at Legendre Construction
Legendre Group
Script & Go's platform is a simplified vector of communication between the various stakeholders of the site while keeping a written record of all our meetings.
Residential buildings

Script & Go (The equivalent of Site Productivity in France)  had the opportunity to interview both a french site manager with a background in engineering and a project director from construction Real estate and energy firm Groupe Legendre on their construction...

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Site Supervision, your all in one solution for seamless construction project management from tendering to delivery

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