Eiffage Construction – Residential Buildings

Be even more efficient in the management of its sites and especially in the management of reserves
Our aim was to reduce the defect and issue processing time and our objective today is to aim for zero defects
M. Pascal Vaché

Director of Eiffage Construction Bretagne


Reduction of time spent in the back office without prior re-entry
Cost optimization / Increased productivity
Improved team communication in the field


Project name

Residential Buildings

Project type

Residential Buildings

Project location

Velizy Villacoublay (78), France

Company creation


Number of employees

11 285

Script & Go (the equivalent of Site Productivity in France) had the opportunity to interview Mr Vaché, the director, and Mr Cardin, the site manager at Eiffage Construction.

Eiffage, a leading European construction firm and it’s subsidiaries carries out its activities across 5 domains: construction, public sector works, energy, metals and through its subsidiaries with public-private partnerships. The Group leans on its experience of having over 67000 collaborators and by 2013 had established a turnover of 14.3M euros, including 15% from abroad.

What motivated your research for a new professional solution?

At the heart of the collaboration between Eiffage and Script & Go (The equivalent of Site Productivity in France) is the desire of the construction expert, in response to client requirements, to be increasingly efficient in site management and notably in defect management.

Our aim was to reduce the defect and issue processing time and our objective today is to aim for zero defects,” said M. Pascal Vaché, Director of Eiffage Construction Bretagne, adding “Site Supervision helps us to achieve that.”

Mr Vaché elaborated that there was a double target: to satisfy their clients and to improve their productivity. He explained it was also in their interest to do this as fast as possible to mobilise their resources, and so on. To achieve this they chose an efficient process, a software tool that allowed them to manage their sites through a new information system that allows them to be in direct contact with their suppliers, architects and clients.

How did you discover Site Supervision and it’s defect management software?

In 2012, the management team of Eiffage Construction Bretagne met Benoit Jeannin, Script & Go CEO, who was working on the development of a defect management application. Eiffage’s expertise and reciprocal listening between the two firms allowed the site management needs of the public sector works professionals to be addressed. Site Supervision reevaluated it’s software and came up with an enhanced product usable throughout the construction lifecycle: Site Supervision. In September 2014, they used the first version of the software in the renovation of 750 student rooms at the associated with the Beaulieu university campus for Crous Rennes Bretagne. Satisfied with its experience, the construction expert is now making its use of tablets standard practice.

Can you explain the particular needs of your company for deploying Site Supervision software?

The Eiffage team explained they had the following needs to :

  • process defects more efficiently
  • be more productive
  • have a more efficient information management system

“Site Supervision defect management software fulfils all of our needs and that’s why we have deployed it through a number of our collaborators.”

What has seduced you about Site Supervision compared to other solutions available in the market ?

The Eiffage team also said, “Our teams and subcontractors agree that Site Supervision is of real interest not only for it’s precision and clarity of information but also in terms of the speed of information sharing possible. They appreciate having digital drawings in view and being able to consult defect photos for added precision. This reduces quality control errors.”

How has using Site Supervision tablet-centric software solution changed the way your work?

“Site Supervision has provided, configured and put in place 9 Site Supervision Premium Licences, which allows us to ensure efficient general contractor site management (60% of it’s activity). The construction sites of general contractors are often the most important and complex in terms of workload.”

A complete tool in line with the requirements of public sector professionals, Site Supervision includes a defect management module for use during the pre-handover and delivery period. It also provides statistics associated with defect management, document management of all the necessary information associated with site management and facilitates the generation of meeting reports transmittable in real-time to project stakeholders on their digital devices (tablets, smartphones, PC).

What are the main advantages that Site Supervision provides you with?

The Eiffage team went on to say, “the main advantages of Site Supervision are easily summarised as follows :

  • Reduced time spent inputting data in the office thanks to the elimination of the need for data reentry
  • Cost optimisation / Productivity accrued
  • Improved communication between teams in the field

Site Supervision has become an indispensable solution and we continue to use it daily for our defect management.”

Find information about Eiffage here : Eiffage

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