Construction Management software

Connect your construction team’s day-to-day activities to the long-term vision

Our suite of mobile and desktop apps, designed for construction professionals, conquers chaos and brings clarity by connecting daily focus with long-term strategy.

Established in 2011. Operating in 5 different countries. Trusted by over 1000 companies

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Products that simplify your construction work and keep tasks on schedule

Site Diary

Record and track all field activities

Site Diary is a simple tool used to collect data, track the progress of work, report on any events from the construction site and improve collaboration among teams and between the field and the office.

Site Diary allows construction teams to save time, resolve disputes, track progress and most importantly get paid.

Site Task

Schedule, assign and monitor tasks

Site Task is a simple app used to create, and assign construction tasks and track their execution in order to deliver your construction projects successfully.

Site Task allows construction workers to improve construction site productivity.

Site Supervision

Digitally report defects and conduct site inspection

Site Supervision is an app to locate, list and notify construction defects, omissions and non-conformities so that they are rectified before the final handover to the client.

With Site Supervision, you can create checklists to inspect and audit construction sites. And also, compile digital reports for meetings on construction sites.

Site Productivity is a construction project management software made for the field

The benefits ?

Site Productivity is a construction management software suite that gives you complete control on your construction projects !

Monitor your construction site in real-time and make the right decisions

Stay on schedule and deliver your construction projects on time

Remove admin burden with automatic reports and live updates

Prevent errors, delays and accidents and rectify them before handover

Communicate effectively and precisely with all construction stakeholders

Comply with standards and regulations and protect against claims

So, convinced that your construction business needs these productivity apps ?

Site Diary

Site Task

Site Supervision

Still not convinced ? Read what our happy customers have to say !

Pierre & Vacances and Adagio digitalize their renovations

Pierre & Vacances and Adagio digitalize their renovations

Mr. Cédric Cenez
Director of construction and renovation at Pierre & Vacances
Pierre & Vacances and Adagio
“It is user-friendly, intuitive, and allows for quick modifications, providing accessibility and flexibility to revisit and modify our work and plans whenever needed.”
Paris, France
Tourist Residential Buildings

Site Productivity made a significant entry into the tech sphere by launching a cutting-edge construction site monitoring software. Initially, the target market was French. Subsequently, recognizing the growing demand across borders, we have strategically expanded our...

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Eiffage Construction – Residential Buildings

Eiffage Construction – Residential Buildings

M. Pascal Vaché
Director of Eiffage Construction Bretagne
Our aim was to reduce the defect and issue processing time and our objective today is to aim for zero defects
Velizy Villacoublay (78), France
Residential Buildings

Script & Go (the equivalent of Site Productivity in France) had the opportunity to interview Mr Vaché, the director, and Mr Cardin, the site manager at Eiffage Construction. Eiffage, a leading European construction firm and it’s subsidiaries carries out its...

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Legendre French Group – Residential buildings

Legendre French Group – Residential buildings

M. Souchay
Work Manager at Legendre Construction
Legendre Group
Script & Go's platform is a simplified vector of communication between the various stakeholders of the site while keeping a written record of all our meetings.
Residential buildings

Script & Go (The equivalent of Site Productivity in France)  had the opportunity to interview both a french site manager with a background in engineering and a project director from construction Real estate and energy firm Groupe Legendre on their construction...

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