Site Task

Schedule, assign and monitor tasks

Site Task is a simple app used to create, and assign construction tasks and track their execution in order to deliver your construction projects successfully.

Site Task allows construction workers to improve construction site productivity.

The benefits of Site Task ?

Productivity tracking

See how productive each task is by having insights about work executed vs work planned

Team coordination

Better organisation of project activities to plan resource management

Track progress

Instantaneously have an overview of the project progress by seeing all on-going, delayed, and completed tasks

Project delivery

With good team coordination and collaboration, projects will be delivered in a timely manner

Scheduling, assigning and executing construction tasks hasn’t been simpler

Schedule and assign tasks and get them done

  • Create and assign tasks in advance
  • Assign tasks to multiple people
  • Update info about construction progress
  • Save time by using prefilled lists or existing info
  • Automatically record all activities in the diary

Easily move around the construction site to execute the tasks

  • Quickly see all the tasks assigned to you on your smartphone
  • Create and assign tasks in seconds on the go
  • Check tasks that are pending approval
  • Receive notifications about the status of the task
  • Track automatically the time spent on a construction task

Equip your team with all the information they need to perform their task of the day

Get a big picture of your tasks from the timeline view

  • Clear overview of your ongoing, completed and over-due tasks
  • Complete picture of who is doing what and by when
  • Verify conflicts, constraints and issues between tasks and immediately resolve them
  • Calculate the productivity rate
  • Export your progress reports in pdf format

Effortlessly sync your construction tasks with Site Dairy

  • Update Site Diary in real-time from the Site Task app
  • Create task info on Site Task and it’s automatically mentioned on Site Diary
  • Export progress reports either from Site Task or Site Diary with the same data to make the right decision
  • Receive task status notifications on Site Diary
  • Monitor execution of tasks from Site Diary

Make progress in your construction projects by scheduling the right tasks and assigning to the right person

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