About us

Helping your construction business thrive in the digital era

The construction industry is complex and chaotic, often involving diverse stakeholders. So, we have built digital solutions to bring clarity to your construction projects and foster collaboration with different stakeholders. Therefore, facilitating better decision making, more productivity and higher profits.

Our Vision

Reimaging and conceiving digital tools for the construction industry
and support its digital transformation.

We believe the construction industry hasn’t yet exploited the full potential of digital tools or digital solutions. In fact, digital transformation has been lagging behind in the construction industry.

And we would like to change that. We want your construction business or construction project to exploit the full potential of digital solutions to increase productivity and increase profits.

Our Mission

Build simple, effective and mobile digital tools for the construction industry.

The construction industry is intensely competitive involving huge risk and vulnerability. Productivity in construction is a major issue. Profit margins are insufficient. Material shortages, logistics problems and unforeseen delays are other common challenges.

So our team of experts are creating digital solutions that connect your construction team’s day-to-day activities to the long-term vision of your construction project.

Major benefits of our digital solutions for the construction industry

  • Less confusion and misinformation. And more clarity and accuracy. Leading to better business decisions.
  • Reduced downtime and wasted effort. Thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • Efficient processes and flawless planning. Hence decreasing waste, optimising construction sites and ensuring lower operating costs.
  • Fewer mistakes and safe operations. Significantly reducing accidents and casualties.
  • Effective communication and smooth collaboration. Reducing confusion, relieving stress, curtailing admin work, and ensuring better quality output.

One Team, 2 continents and 3 countries !

We go where our customers grow. So far we are 40 people working in 3 offices around the world:
Rennes, Montreal and Birmingham.
And we are just getting started.

The Site Productivity Team

We have a multicultural and international team with diverse skill sets creating powerful digital solutions for the construction industry.

Join us !

Join our team our help reshape the construction industry by creating simple digital solutions to deliver successful construction projects.