Pierre & Vacances and Adagio digitalize their renovations

Discover how our solution has enhanced Pierre & Vacances and Adagio's construction management processes through digitalization.
“It is user-friendly, intuitive, and allows for quick modifications, providing accessibility and flexibility to revisit and modify our work and plans whenever needed.”
Mr. Cédric Cenez

Director of construction and renovation at Pierre & Vacances


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Tourist Residential Buildings

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Tourist Residential Buildings

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Paris, France

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Site Productivity made a significant entry into the tech sphere by launching a cutting-edge construction site monitoring software. Initially, the target market was French. Subsequently, recognizing the growing demand across borders, we have strategically expanded our horizons into the UK by introducing Site Supervision. This extension mirrors the acclaimed BatiScript, now finely tuned and adapted for English-speaking users. Specifically catering to the specific needs and nuances of the UK construction industry, Site Supervision marks our commitment to a global presence while maintaining localized excellence.

An interview was conducted with Mr. Cédric CENEZ, the Director of Construction and Renovation at Pierre & Vacances, discussing how our solution has enhanced their construction management processes. Notably, Pierre & Vacances is a part of the Center Parcs group, a French company specializing in the sectors of tourism, hospitality, and real estate development. Renowned for their meticulous renovation of tourist residences, they are industry leaders in this domain.

Furthermore, Mr. Cenez discussed how our application has become an essential digital tool for streamlining their tasks. Moreover, the group’s experience with our platform has been highly positive, leading to its increasing adoption. Building on their successful use of the Handover & Warranties feature for optimizing customer relationships and ensuring the successful completion of projects, Pierre & Vacances has expanded their utilization of the app. Specifically, they’ve integrated it into report writing processes, further enhancing their operational efficiency.


Can you provide an introduction to Pierre & Vacances – Center Parcs?

The Pierre & Vacances – Center Parcs Group is a major player in European local tourism. It is dedicated to creating holiday and leisure experiences that provide their customers with captivating destinations. These destinations could be at the sea, in the mountains, amidst the countryside, or within city centers.

Established in 1967, the group encompasses several complementary tourism brands, including Pierre & Vacances, Center Parcs, and Aparthotels Adagio. Across Europe, the Group manages a tourist portfolio comprising 43,500 apartments and houses distributed among 284 locations. In the fiscal year 2022/2023, the group generated a revenue of €1,914.6 million.

Our building renovation projects typically span 2 to 4 years. Each project starts with preliminary site visits in collaboration with various departments. These departments include – Operations, the Design department, and the project’s architect. Together, we establish a work plan in line with budgetary constraints. Following the construction of a model apartment, the Group plans, manages, and oversees the construction sites until the work is officially approved. The duration of these projects can vary based on factors such as changing work schedules, ranging from 2 to 4 years, or even longer in certain cases.


What are your responsibilities in your role as the Director of Renovation Works?

I hold the position of Director of Renovation Works for both the Adagio brand and the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs group. I’ve been with the company for two decades, and for the past 15 years, I’ve been in this role. Initially, I was responsible for the Atlantic region (Pays de la Loire), but now I oversee Île-de-France, the Great West, and the North of France as well.

My primary responsibility is to oversee the renovation of housing units for the group and its brands after they have been in use for 10 years. The budgets for these renovations can vary, ranging from €5,000 to €30,000 per accommodation, covering projects like kitchen and bathroom upgrades or furniture replacements.

There are approximately 10 of us who manage renovation projects across the country. My role involves coordinating the renovation work until it is completed and accepted. Additionally, I handle after-sales service, specifically the Handover & Warranties. Before the actual renovation work begins, my daily tasks include gathering and centralizing requests for renovation projects, assessing the required work (including preliminary site visits, budget estimates, and work on the apartments) for the housing units in question. I collaborate with various internal departments, such as Product and Concept, Design, Purchasing, and Operations, to ensure the success of these renovation projects.


What was your motivation for using our solution?

Our motivation stemmed from the need for a digital tool to streamline our accommodation reception process. While we were already using a different tool, it proved to be overly complex for our requirements. It lacked the necessary configuration options, and certain operations felt rigid. This issue didn’t align with the flexibility we needed in our rapidly evolving industry. For instance, integrating plans required a specific sequence and offered no room for revisions. Additionally, during on-site visits, we couldn’t generate a quick list of issues, necessitating a return to the Back-Office for data extraction. This forced us to exit the “visit” mode, which was highly limiting.


How did you learn about our construction site management application?

We have known about Site Supervision* for two years and have been utilizing it in our daily operations. Initially, I was the initial pilot user, with a colleague quickly joining in. We conducted a year-long trial of Site Supervision*, which eventually led to the tool’s implementation across all our areas since 2021. Initially, we exclusively employed the Handover & Warranties module. Additionally, we extended our usage to incorporate features like Report, Snagging Tool, and the Punch list modules.


Which feature has been the most beneficial in your daily work?

Unlike the previous software that we were using, this application includes a Report module. The Report module has proven to be highly valuable for our renovation projects. This module is utilized at various stages within a renovation project, such as monitoring work progress and managing issues or project acceptance phase. The field teams use the Report module on a daily basis.


Can you provide a notable example of how our application has been advantageous?

An excellent illustration is the Eiffel Tower residence, comprising 375 accommodations. This renovation project was segmented into approximately a hundred homes each year, with around 30 homes undergoing renovation every two months. Multiple companies are involved in various aspects of housing renovation, demanding a high level of organization and collaboration. The application facilitated effective communication by consolidating, categorizing, and processing information among all stakeholders.


What are the primary advantages that our solution offers in comparison to your initial requirements?

Your application excels in its extensive customization capabilities, enabling us to tailor the tool and configure parameters and fields to align with our work processes effortlessly. It’s user-friendly, intuitive, and allows for quick modifications, providing accessibility and flexibility to revisit and modify our work and plans whenever needed.

The tool fosters clear and detailed communication, facilitating swift interactions among partner companies via comments, notes, plan annotations, and change requests, all within the same platform. This streamlined communication reduces the need for excessive emails, reprints, and redundant data entry. This enhanced communication has led to more precise monitoring, improving our responsiveness and follow-up.


What sets our application apart from other solutions in the market? 

The unique strength of this application lies in its ability to efficiently manage change requests by swiftly and easily changing their status, a capability that our previous tool lacked. The Snagging Tool has helped us to quickly locate the specific change requests.

Furthermore, it simplifies the process of documenting meetings. Even if we cannot attend a meeting, all the information is meticulously recorded in the meeting minutes. A substitute can easily navigate the clear and personalized presentation of the minutes, making it comprehensible and accessible, even without an in-depth understanding of the construction site. It provides a quick and clear overview.


Have you made any specific customizations using our app? 

I must admit that we encountered an issue with assignments at one point, especially for companies working on multiple aspects (such as electrical, painting, and flooring) within various modules (change requests, Defect management etc.). To address this, we chose to dedicate one lot to one company, configuring the tool according to our preferences.

This approach allows us to be more precise and eliminates confusion when multiple companies are involved in the same project. There are no mix-ups, which has proven to be quite beneficial.

*Site Supervision aka Batiscript for the French market


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