Site Supervision

How does Site Supervision Work ?
What are its features ?

Site Supervision has easy-to-use and powerful features on desktop and mobile to notify construction defects, compile digital reports, and to create punch lists to inspect and audit construction sites.

An all-in-one solution for every step of the construction project

Screen Snagging tool

Manage snags and defects effectively and in real-time


The Snagging tool is designed to identify, document, track, manage, and control defects or issues that arise during construction projects.


  • Assign defects to responsible parties
  •  Prioritize defects based on severity
  • Track the defect resolution process
  • Ensure timely and effective defect management

Create digital reports to track the progress of the project


With digital reports summarize the information about various aspects of your construction project.

  • Monitor project progress
  • Report risk assessments and mitigation strategies
  • Communicate between various stakeholders through reports
  • Evaluate the performance of contractors
Screen Reports
Screen Punch list

Create customizable punch lists for inspection and auditing


The punch list module is an essential tool to help companies to create, manage, and execute checklists for various aspects of their projects.


  • Punch lists provide a structured way to track project progress
  • Safety punch lists help monitor safety protocols
  • They serve as valuable documentation
  • They promote standardisation of processes

Facilitate project completion and the formal handover process


The handover & warranties module supports the formal handover process to the clients.

  • Facilitate the warranties of the project
  • Conduct final inspections and walkthrough
  • Cover structural warranty of the project
  • Cover manufacturer warranties of the project
Screen Handover & Warranties
Screen Approvals

Streamline the process of licences and regulatory approvals


With the approval module ensure regulatory compliance, time efficiency, and risk mitigation.

  • Carry out Environment Impact Assessments (EIAs)
  • Ensure Fire Safety Approvals
  • Manage Health Department Approvals
  • Guarantee Occupational Safety Approvals

Use Site Supervision to deliver defect free and quality construction projects