Why Site Productivity? And how it can help your Construction project?

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We live in a digital world. And digitalisation affects all aspects of the construction industry. So, we build Site Productivity with the simple goal of helping construction businesses thrive in the digital era.

The construction industry is complex and chaotic, often involving diverse stakeholders. So, we have built digital solutions to bring clarity to your construction projects and foster collaboration with different stakeholders. Therefore, facilitating better decision-making, more productivity and higher profits.

Also, the construction business is still paper-based. So there is huge potential for digital solutions across every link in the construction value chain which has the potential to disrupt current construction practices.

Site Productivity’s Vision and mission

Our vision is to reimagine and conceive digital tools for the construction industry and support its digital transformation.
We believe the construction industry hasn’t yet exploited the full potential of digital tools or digital solutions. In fact, digital transformation has been lagging behind in the construction industry.
And we would like to change that. We want your construction business or construction project to exploit the full potential of digital solutions to increase productivity and increase profits.
So our mission is to build simple, effective and mobile digital tools for the construction industry.
The construction industry is intensely competitive involving huge risk and vulnerability. Productivity in construction is a major issue. Profit margins are insufficient. Material shortages, logistics problems and unforeseen delays are other common challenges.
Our team of experts are creating digital solutions that connect your construction team’s day-to-day activities to the long-term vision of your construction project.

Creating the right digital solution for your construction projects

Many construction softwares are not built with the end user in mind. In other words, they are not necessarily built by considering the pain points and workflow of the individual or worker who will use the solution. They are mostly built to solve a business problem the construction project or company is facing. They are built for the decision-maker rather than the worker who will use the software to execute the task.

The end result? Construction workers are forced to use software that is not adapted to their daily professional routines and work challenges. The software then becomes an obstacle to executing the construction tasks and hinders the delivery of the construction project on time and within budget. It also decreases the productivity of the construction sites.

At Site Productivity, we are doing this differently. Our in-house construction professionals and software developers are pooling together resources and skillsets to create digital applications that increase the productivity of your construction project, your construction site or your construction business.

Two flexible and scalable solutions to increase your construction site productivity

So far, we have built two major digital applications that are offering a positive impact on various construction projects:

Site Diary: a simple tool that allows all construction professionals to record and track all construction site activities.

Site Task: a simple tool that allows construction professionals to schedule, assign and monitor tasks.

These solutions are easy-to-use and accessible on your mobile or your desktop. In other words, you can access and use these solutions while walking around your construction site.

So, request a free demo or get a free trial to explore how these applications can increase your construction site productivity.

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