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In the ever-evolving world of construction management, staying ahead means embracing innovation and optimising resources. Site Diary, your trusted construction software, continues to evolve with the industry’s needs. We’re excited to introduce a suite of new functionalities designed to streamline your operations, enhance resource management, and improve overall user experience. Let’s dive into the latest updates that will transform the way you manage your projects.

Enhanced People Tag

Managing your team just got a lot easier. The People Tag feature now includes a Job Role option, allowing you to seamlessly add names, job roles, and associated costs. This enhancement not only improves organisation but also enables better resource management, ensuring you have the right people at the right place, every time.

site diary - people tag - mobile

Improved Image Handling

Visual documentation is crucial in construction. With our improved image handling capabilities, you can now download images from Diary events and Tasks directly through both our mobile and web applications. Sharing images is equally simple, with new options to share directly from the mobile app. These enhancements also come with a refined image viewer on mobile, offering smoother navigation and usability.

Improved Image Handling

Alphabetical Sorting of Resources

Say goodbye to the frustration of sifting through disorganized lists. Resources within events, tasks, and exported reports are now sorted alphabetically. This enhancement facilitates easier navigation and faster access to the information you need, boosting your productivity and efficiency on site.

Faulty Event Handling

Dealing with faulty events can be a headache. Our new features proactively identify and address these issues. If an event is detected as faulty, you’ll receive a notification explaining the cause, allowing for quicker troubleshooting and resolution. Additionally, asset creation for Information (tags, contractors, locations) and Resource (people, equipment, materials) tags is now restricted to online mode only, preventing sync errors and duplication caused by offline asset creation.

Improved Navigation

Navigating between your organization spaces and project sites is now more intuitive. The organisation name and button are prominently located at the top of the web application. A new drop-down menu alongside the organisation name simplifies switching between the Site Diary, Site Task, and Administration modes. This streamlined navigation ensures you spend less time clicking and more time managing your projects.

Site Diary - Drop-down Menu

Premium Features at a Glance

Understanding your subscription options has never been easier. Users on the free version of Site Diary will now see an ‘Upgrade to Premium‘ button at the top of the app, simplifying the process of unlocking advanced features. New icons visually distinguish between the free and premium versions within the product selection drop-down menu, providing clarity on available features based on your subscription.

Small Yet Significant UI Changes

In addition to these major updates, we’ve implemented some minor UI changes earlier this quarter. These tweaks, though subtle, enhance the overall user experience, making Site Diary even more intuitive and user-friendly.

At Site Productivity, we’re committed to continuously improving our software to meet your evolving needs. These new functionalities are designed to enhance your productivity, streamline your operations, and provide you with the tools necessary to manage your construction projects more effectively. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and support your journey to construction excellence.

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