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Construction consultancies can benefit from a less stressful way of doing business!

Construction consultancies can benefit from a mobile digital site diary application. Khaldon Evans, Script&Go’s International Marketing Manager for Site Diary, approached Julian Osborn-Smith to answer a few questions on Osborn Smith Consultants use of a Site Diary application. Highlights from this conversation are reported here.

Julian explained that as owner of Osborn Smith Consultants his role varies depending on the work required, as sometimes he acts as a Project manager but more often than not a Site manager. He said he is responsible for the health and safety aspects of a job, ensuring that all works are built to the drawings and making sure that any issues with the drawings are qualified either through the architect or on site. He deals with client meetings, visits from all and sundry required dependant on the work, including local media (newspapers, local tv) and is involved with all aspects of working with a large volume of workers and the general public.

He went on to say that Osborn Smith Consultants has successfully used the Site Diary app powered by Script&Go for various projects including, Premier inn in Lewes (new build 61-bedroom hotel and 3 retail units Brighton University refit), 12 Bishops road (new extension with Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements for a disabled resident.

He said that “I was looking for a method of updating a handwritten site diary in such a way that it could be done on the fly on site while being away from the office. Also I was often sending through Requests For Information (RFIs) that would then need to be compiled via different methods back to the handwritten site diary. I was already doing this via a live file on my I-pad or phone when I found this and during the early days of its inception I was being asked what I would like to see from it. During this period, I was able to get certain aspects included that have now added up to a very good product.

In particular, Julian reported that it “allows me to create particular documents from “Plant Inspections” to “Health and Safety reports” to “RFIs” without needing to use more than the single application.”

The reason Julian gave for us choosing Site Diary was based on the feedback from the team at source.

He says that the benefits of using the Site Diary app centre on the fact it gives him:

“The ability to qualify what has been done on site in a way that not one company I have ever worked for has ever seen.”
He says using it offers “a much less stressful method of doing business!”
Julian also mentioned it’s changing the way he works, as “it has enabled me to have more free time at the end of the day as all of the works are done during the working day” and “to get information back quicker and more effectively which translates to faster turnaround on site.” Installable on a Windows PC and usable across multi-OS devices, tablets or smartphones, the Site Diary app can be for used by consultancy owners and their collaborators in the office or in the field as required. For further details of the Site Diary app and the opportunity to trial it for yourself you can contact Script&Go.

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