How home builders can benefit from a Construction Site Diary ?

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House builders often face tough and a variety of interconnecting construction challenges. Labour shortages, stringent regulations, higher sustainability standards, a complex supply chain of materials, soaring prices of construction materials and machinery, and a grim economic outlook ….. to name a few.

Even though the dust is beginning to settle after a tumultuous pandemic, housebuilders are still facing its consequences. Due to the sudden closure of construction sites and also the risks involved, many are less inclined to join the construction sector as a career option, leading to skills shortages.

All over the world inflation is rising at its fastest rate. Due to political issues prices of building materials are steadily increasing. Serious supply chain disruptions are also causing a shortage of raw materials and machinery.

Also, governments are pushing for stringent regulations and higher sustainability standards. For example, the UK government created the New Homes Ombudsman Service and created the non-profit organisation New Homes Quality Board (NHQB) which monitors the performance of builders and ensures that consumers are delivered quality homes.

And, many economists are now announcing a global recession in 2023 which can hinder the purchase of new homes by consumers. This can have a significant impact on the construction industry.

So, how can housebuilders face these challenges successfully? By planning in advance so that one is not taken over by shortages or price fluctuations. Construction Leadership Council (CLC) in the United Kingdom recommends builders collaborate closely with their supply chain and communicate their requirements as soon as possible with suppliers, distributors and builder merchants. To do so, home builders need to know the precise reality of their construction sites, and supply chain issues and get a real-time audit of the existing resources currently in use in the construction process.

So how can builders find out in real-time what is happening on their construction sites involving diverse operations, fragmented teams, a variety of materials and machinery and other resources? How can builders get real-time and precise data on their construction sites so that they can prepare for any contingency?

By using digital solutions such as a construction site diary !

A digital reporting solution that allows house builders’ to optimise the existing resources, anticipate the future and calibrate accordingly. This can be done by monitoring, analysing and understanding how the existing resources are deployed and used on a daily basis on the construction site. In other words by using a digital construction site diary app.

By monitoring real-time and precise data, via the app, work, resources and equipment on construction sites can be optimised, timelines can be adapted accordingly and decisions can be taken or calibrated according to the situation at hand.

A construction site diary app allows house builders to record:

  • Actual work done on the construction site
  • Equipment, raw materials and other resources deployed for each type of work
  • Weather and climatic conditions
  • Manpower usage and working hours of each shift
  • Delays, stoppages and other important events

With a construction site diary app, housebuilders can get the big picture, along with precise and real-time data of every operation from the field. They can thus detect productivity patterns, improvement trends and obstacles on the construction site.

How can house builders benefit from a Construction Site Diary App ?

A digital construction Site Diary App offers numerous benefits for house builders. For example:

  • A single source of truth to make better business decisions for future construction activities.
  • Deliver their construction projects on time and within budget.
  • Accurate cost estimation and budgeting of new projects.
  • Better future planning and forecasting of new construction projects
  • Evidence of any additional costs, delays and surprise events during claim settlements, dispute resolution procedures and cost compensations.

Why home builders should avoid using a paper-based construction site diary ?

Unfortunately, many construction companies are using paper-based construction site diaries. Filling out paper diaries can be tedious, cumbersome and error-prone. They can lead to multiple reports with conflicting information, hindering better decision-making. Not to mention that they can be lost, damaged or tampered with. Hence it is important to use a digital construction site diary that brings accurate data in real-time straight from the field.

A digital construction site diary brings the whole story from the field with accurate, to-the-minute information, all in one place, for easy project management. Project managers can get the whole story without leaving the office and field workers can send accurate data straight from the field via their mobile phones.

A digital construction site diary diminishes the pain of paperwork and inefficient reporting, helping construction workers and project managers focus on doing their best work where it matters most! And in turn, increasing the productivity of their construction project.

Deliver defect-free and quality homes

Last but not least, even though times are tough, house builders need to practice caution just before the delivery of the homes. They shouldn’t compromise on quality and should deliver defect-free homes. So during the snagging period, it is essential to use a digital snagging tool to locate, compile and notify construction defects, omissions and non-conformities so that they are rectified before the final handover to the client.

A digital snagging tool allows housebuilders to complete their construction projects according to initial specifications and drawings as well as comply with standards and ensure quality.

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