Highlights from the UK Construction Week in Birmingham

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Last week the UK Construction Week was held in Birmingham from the 4th to the 6th of October. The event attracted more than 25000 visitors, 300 exhibitors and over 6000 products were displayed. This year, the multi-award-winning show has also attracted an abundance of overseas exhibitors, including brands from as far afield as Australia, India, Norway, Turkey and the UAE. It is also UK’s largest built environment event.
The UK Construction Week was officially inaugurated by Channel 4 presenter George Clarke. Our sales team had a great time at the event. There were plenty of insightful talks throughout the day, thanks to a stellar speaker line-up during the conferences and workshops.
The Site Productivity team would like to thank our clients and prospects who visited us on our stand. For those who could not make it, we would like to share highlights and insights from the UK construction week.

Net Zero for the construction industry

Sustainability was the top agenda at the UK construction week. There was a lot of talk about Net Zero in construction. What is net zero? We’ve all heard the term net zero, but what exactly does it mean? Put simply, Net Zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. We reach net zero when the amount we add is no more than the amount taken away. But how can we achieve this and why does it matter?

Due to the rising demand for greener approaches and to stop climate change, many industries, including the construction industry, are trying to adopt new mindsets, standards and technologies to transition into a greener future.

During the event, there was a special area dedicated to Net Zero which included a rich programme of panel discussions and speakers and a myriad of exhibitors showcasing products which the construction industry can use to limit its environmental impact.
According to some statistics, the built environment accounts for 39% of gross annual carbon emissions worldwide. This number is huge considering the fact that the construction industry is an expanding and ever-growing industry.

The construction industry is waking up to the fact that carbon must be cut and the industry must reach Net Zero. It is still a long and perilous way to reach Net Zero for the construction industry, but the various innovations and digital solutions dedicated to the construction industry give some hope.
For example, The Construction Leadership Council’s initiative CO2nstruct Zero has provided a standard for the whole industry to get behind. Also, during the event manufacturers, suppliers, and partners educated the industry on how to meet the standards that are required to become more sustainable and ensure Net Zero targets are achievable.

The Future Lab

Another major highlight of the UKCW was the Future Lab. It was a non-sales area where exhibitors showcased new innovations and where visitors could explore new ideas, learn and be inspired. The Future Lab put a spotlight on the serious change-makers in the construction industry. From renewable mycelium products to 3D printers, telescopic steel frames to recycled bricks, a myriad of awe-inspiring innovations were showcased.
During the various discussions, it was widely agreed upon that technological innovations will be key to achieving Net Zero for the construction industry.

Demonstrations of 3D concrete printer robots

3D printers have been here for a while now. They are often used for prototyping in labs and in manufacturing. But, they are now gaining traction in the construction industry to create big structures.

In a UKCW first, numerous demonstrations of 3D concrete printer robots were held. 3D concrete printing presents a paradigm shift in construction projects. These 3D concrete printers offer many benefits such as efficiency, sustainability and most importantly it is a timely solution to the skills shortage the construction industry is facing. 3D printing can potentially transform the construction industry for the better.

A construction poem was unveiled

Last but not least, the show’s organisers unveiled a specially commissioned poem entitled ‘Bricks and More Than’ by Birmingham poet and storyteller, Casey Bailey, to celebrate the start of UK Construction Week on the first day of the event (Tuesday 4th October).

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