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A site diary app allows an office manager to check what work has been done and when.
other tools we tested were too rigid for our needs.
Claire Park


Simple to use
Weather reports
More manageable


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Chestnut Lodge

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Commercial Road

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A mobile digital site diary application clearly benefits construction office managers who need to check subcontractor invoicing and what work has been done and when. Khaldon Evans, Script&Go’s International Marketing Manager for Site Diary, approached Claire Parks to answer some questions on our use of the Site Diary app at Cox & Sons Construction Ltd. Highlights from this conversation are reported here.

Claire explained to Khaldon that she is an office manager and deals with book keeping, health and safety and administration. She said that Cox & Sons Construction successfully uses the Site Diary app powered by Script&Go for all their projects including Commercial Road and Chestnut Lodge in Tonbridge, Kent.

Claire said that Cox & Sons Construction needed a digital site diary as previously they “used a spreadsheet version but it was unmanageable.”

Two reasons Claire gave for Cox & Sons Construction purchase of Site Diary were. She explained that :

  • Firstly,“it was simple to use and included the weather reports which meant that you could prove days when you were rained off and couldn’t work.”
  • Secondly, “it was much more manageable than the Excel version we were using.”

Claire recognises Site Diary’s cloud-based real-time reporting, observation-report photo association and report-exporting features and its other multiple benefits.

When asked “how difficult was it for the site to adapt to digital diary?” Claire said that they had not started using onsite but that it was “something they are considering.”

She also said that “other tools we tested were too rigid for our needs.”

Claire went on to explain that Site Diary is changing the way they work by allowing them to :

“now print the diary off week by week and add it to the project file so that we can :

  • Check invoicing of subcontractors
  • Check what has been done and when.”

Claire revealed Site Diary “has proved very helpful in reporting to clients” and that an additional feature she could suggest is “being able to report by subcontractor by period as this would then simplify checking what days the subcontractors are invoicing for.”

The Site Diary application can be installed on a Windows PC and used on multi-OS devices, tablets and smartphones, by construction management teams, in the office or on site as needed.

Further details of Site Diary and the opportunity to trial it for yourself are available from Script&Go.

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